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Top quality aerials to make your production shine

  • DJI Drones
  • Stunning 4k video
  • 12-megapixel RAW stills
  • Ultra Portable and quiet

Roof and Property Inspections

Better Data,
in Dramatically Less Time

Whether you’re inspecting a new building, checking a roof for damage, or investigating an insurance claim, it’s important to capture accurate data quickly. Drone mapping is a powerful new tool for inspection — allowing you to safely and easily capture a high-resolution aerial view of a site in minutes.

Venice Drones can cover huge, complex properties very quickly, providing high resolution images and video as well as detailed 3d maps and roof reports.

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Real Estate

Buzz for listing agents

Buzz for listing agents

One of the biggest appeals of using drones in real estate right now is simply the buzz it brings to the listing.

Real Estate

Budget Friendly

Aerial Photo Packages start at $250 for Photos and $500 for a fully edited one-minute Video with music!

Real Estate

Better views of bigger homes

Aerials give you the grand view of a property.
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Keep Projects On Track
with Progress Photos

Access all drone data in a single, easy-to-use platform

Detect and correct plan defects and deviations

Streamline decision making with visual context of site conditions

Evaluate site conditions with built-in measurement tools

Compare actual conditions to pre-construction designs

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Progress Photos opens a whole new environment to efficiently and effortlessly capture deliverables our clients have been asking for.

Grant Hagen picture Grant Hagen, VDC Manager The Beck Group

Why are
so many
insurance companies
using drones?

Drones offer insurers huge benefits. By putting drones, rather than people, in hazardous situations, insurers can prevent on-the-job injuries. Drones also lower the cost of roof inspections. When roofs are steep, insurers must provide harnesses and other safety equipment to adjusters. Alternatively, an insurer might hire a contractor to perform the inspection. Insurers can eliminate these costs by using a drone.

Drones enable insurers to save time and to focus their resources where they are most needed. Natural disasters such as floods and fires can cause destruction that extends across many square miles. Insurers can use drones to survey the area and get a bird's-eye view of the damage. They can plan their adjusting activities based on the data they collect and prioritize their response, sending adjusters directly to policyholders that need help the most.